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Love and Fit

Premium Luxe Maternity Leggings 2.0

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You truly haven't felt leggings like this! We guarantee they will be the softest and most comfortable maternity leggings you will own.   The Premium Luxe Maternity Leggings 2.0 have been updated with an even more durable, soft and luxurious fabric. These leggings are buttery soft, wick sweat and retain their shape over time. With our signature silicone grips inside the waistband you'll no longer have to keep pulling up your leggings over your bump. An added plus, many moms wear these leggings into postpartum and love the high waist feature! PREMIUM LUXE MATERNITY LEGGINGS 2.0 FEATURES: * Luxuriously soft yet ultra durable * Made from high tech quality fabric * Buttery soft, feels like second-skin layer * The Silicone ribbed design inside the waistband helps them stay up on your belly.